Energy saving lightbulbs – are they really worth it?

Energy saving lightbulbs - are they really worth it?

Ok, I know we have written a blog about energy saving bulbs before but I can’t seem to stress out enough the dangers of the amount of dirty electricity it produce and the mercury inside it.

It is paramount that everyone should be aware of the effects it has on us ESPECIALLY if one was to break in your home.

This is what the official sites say about what to do if a CFL (energy saving light bulb) breaks and the required process it takes just to clean one up

  • Always wear disposable rubber gloves (do not use bare hands) Scoop up pieces with cardboard or stiff paper. DO NOT USE BROOM OR VACUUM. Vacuuming may expose air to mercury and contaminate It
  • Place all materials in paper towels then seal it plastic bags and throw away appropriately in accordance to your chemical waste disposal management in your area.
  • If clothing or bedding comes into DIRECT contact DO NOT WASH as it will contaminate your washing machine and sewage. Throw out.
  • Open all windows and doors to air out room and have everyone leave the area for at least 15mins
  • And if you want to make sure that all traces of mercury are gone from your home, you would have to call the professionals (that’s men in HAZMAT suits!).

So if the toxic chemical from it isn’t enough, these CFL Light bulbs also produce and emit ‘dirty electricity’ into our homes, EMF measures higher than regular light bulbs.

For those of you who suffer from headaches, ringing in ears, etc and have trouble focusing, you should perhaps start looking into EMF protection devices; it will be well worth it to find yourself relieved of these symptoms.

So do these energy saving light bulbs sound harmless to you now? The EMF radiation affects your health and the mercury hazard is something not to be ignored.

What if your child breaks one and you weren’t there fast enough to apply this cleaning method and to find your child still playing in and touching the area.

I know how easy it is to break one of these light bulbs as this has happened to my 1 year old daughter not so long ago (before I was even aware of the consequences from CFL bulbs). When you think you have put things out of reach, it takes only a few seconds for you to turn your back to them and they will find clever ways to get their hands on what they want.

I have since then thrown out all CFL bulbs, although it is energy efficient and saves us a lot of money, I can not put a price on my children’s health, can you?


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