Why is Life Energy wand different from Amwand (Amega Wand), zero point wand and other Wands?

Why is Life Energy Nano wand different from Amwand (Amega Wand), zero point wand and other Nano Wands?

It’s a mine-field navigating through all the energetic wands on the market.
So what are there points of difference? Is ours better than the others? Are you being conned? These are questions that you are probably asking.

There are some pretty good wands out there no mistake about it. A vast range of prices too. The Amega wand or Amwand is effective and does more or less what they claim it to do. Of course you pay dearly for it because it is Multi-level marketing (MLM). This means that commissions are paid to down-lines of hopeful people wanting and waiting for their share of the sale. This has to inflate the price because that is the only way that MLM can work.

Some of the zero-point wands and Energy Wands are so cheap
that you have to wonder if they are merely empty shells, or filled with sand. I suppose that short of trying to pry one open we will never know. Of course if the “guts” are missing they must be pretty useless. So if you can try them out before committing it may save disappointment and a waste of money no matter how cheap they may be.

So what about Life Energy Wand? Is it any different? Will it do the job? And is it worth the money? Questions you maybe and should be asking.

Life Energy Wand is different because not only has it crystalline technology making it essentially a crystal wand it is also embedded with a scalar frequency which activates the crystals to maximum performance and more!! We believe, know, that it is the most powerful healing wand available because of this.

So yes it will do the job very efficiently, and more quickly. Pain relief, assisting healing, strengthening the bio-energy field, energizing food and drinks, beneficial for animals and plant life etc. A little friend to carry around to improve your quality of life.

So considering all that the Life Energy Wand is definitely worth the money especially when you can save money too by joining together with family or friend and get big discounts. Profits are not our priority. We just want people to have the chance to improve their health and indeed their lives. We have witnessed it first-hand.

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