Sleeping With Cancer – Coils In Mattresses Act as a Giant Radiation Antenna!!

Sleeping With Cancer - Coils In Mattresses Act as a Giant Radiation Antenna!!

Breast cancer and melanoma rates are on the rise in Western countries. Researchers have come up with one startling explanation; this could partly be due to what we’re sleeping on – ‘coil-springs found in mattresses’.

Most bed frames and box springs mattresses we use are made out of metal coils which attract and amplifies harmful frequencies from FM radio and T.V. The length of a bed is measured to be exactly half the wavelength of FM and TV transmission, the maximum force of the field also reaches up to 75 centimeters above the mattress. This could explain why breast cancer on the left breast is 10% higher than the right. We tend to sleep on our right side leaving our left side exposed to the highest field strength. This may also explain why the Japanese have much lower rates of breast cancer compared to the US and Europe. People in Japan typically sleep on futon mattresses placed directly on the floor.

According to several researchers such as Hallberg and Johansson, numerous studies indicate that FM radio and TV transmissions contribute to the disruption of our immune functions resulting in cancers such as melanoma. Further findings shows geographical dwelling also plays a role in the rise of cancer. Areas covered by several transmissions towers indicate higher occurrences of melanoma than areas covered by just one transmitter.

So imagine these radiation frequencies zapping around in your home and that the very bed you’re sleeping on is attracting and intensifying radiation straight into your body. One would be very naïve to believe that exposure to this much radiation is completely harmless.

Understandably a lot of people are skeptical and reject the idea that these transmissions have detrimental effects on our health. It is not of physical matter where we can see, touch and smell, we don’t feel sick or show signs of symptoms immediately, our doctor’s do not even associate our health issues with it. Plus there is also many other factors that comes into play such as our diets and chemical exposure, genes, proximity to transmission towers and so fourth.

It’s up to us to put in the extra effort in research and educating ourselves on this matter. You may be surprised in what you discover that others do not know.

You will discover that there are dedicated people and companies out there that are committed in finding and achieving solutions to battle the EMF epidemic, one company for example is “Life Energy Designs”. Here you will find an array of products design to protect you and your family from everyday radiation bombarding your family and your home. From pendants to cell phone protection, they’re extremely low maintenance and convenient, worth having around for that peace of mind.


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