EMF / EMR and type 3 Diabetes

EMF / EMR and type 3 Diabetes

Diabetes can be caused by EMF / EMR exposure

This is the conclusion of the latest peer-reviewed research by Dr. Magda Havas PhD. In sensitive people, which she classifies as having type 3 diabetes or environmentally triggered diabetes, exposure to dirty electricity (EMF/EMR) is enough to send their blood sugar high. Test subjects were found to have a drop in blood sugar after walking in the open air but conversely experienced an increase in blood sugar levels after walking the same time on an electrical treadmill.

Another test case concerned an 80 year old woman with diabetes. When she took steps to drastically reduce the electro-smog (dirty electricity/EMF/EMR) in her home her insulin requirements dropped by 75%.

If you suffer from Diabetes here are some questions to answer:

  1. Does your blood sugar increase after using electronic exercise equipment?
  2. Does your blood sugar suddenly spike or fall for no obvious reason?
  3. Does your blood sugar change in different environments?
  4. Do you have difficulty regulating your blood sugar?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions (you may need to experiment with testing your levels at various times and in various locations to find out), you may be sensitive to EMF and have “type 3” diabetes. Watch Dr. Havas’ video below for more information:


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