The Amega Global AMwand – a compariso

The Amega Global AMwand - a comparison

We are getting questions from many of our customers about the Amega Global zero-point wand asking if it is any good and how it compares with our own life-energy products. I thought it might be a good idea to write a short blog about this for all to read.

Same Energy?

One of the questions being asked is about zero-point energy. Is it the same as Orgone or life-energy which we talk about in relation to our products. The answer is yes. Life energy = orgone = zero point energy = prana = chi = ki = ether and so on.

Does it work?

I borrowed a zero point wand and did some tests and found it to be made with integrity and working in a very similar way to our own life-energy products. It is capable of bringing areas of the body to homeostasis? Yes. Can it charge/ energize water and food? Yes. Does it do anything that you can’t do with a p.e.bal or a nu-me pendant? No, except pretend to be a pen in your pocket!

The p.e.bal as a healer

We have a page dedicated to the use of the p.e.bal and nu-me as healing devices. If you have any localized pain, simply place either device on it and hold it there. You can add your intent to the mix as per the instructions for the Amega wand but this is not necessary as the intent to heal is built into every one of our devices.

Comparative Strength?

Using dowsing and muscle testing I did some comparisons between the Amega Global Zero-Point Wand, a p.e.bal, a nu-me full-sized pendant, and a Negater Shell. These are my results in terms of comparative strengths when used for localized healing:

P.e.bal V Amega Wand

The Amega wand is about 60% as powerful as the pyramid energy balancer. Or, put it another way: the p.e.bal is 1.6 times as strong.

Nu-Me V Amega Wand

The Amega wand is the stronger by about 250%. This means you would need to hold a Nu-Me on the area for 2 and a half times as long to achieve the same result. As we are talking in minutes, this is not a significant consideration. The Nu-Me lends itself to be easily tied or strapped in place for longer treatment if necessary.

Negater Shell V Amega Wand

The Negater Shell weighs in at 1.18 times the strength of the Amega Wand or put the other way round the Amega Wand is about 85% as strong as a Negater Shell.


So there it is – you pays your money and makes your choice. If you have already invested in our devices, I would suggest you save your money unless you are really impressed by the pen disguise! If you are shopping around for zero-point healing device then weigh up the prices and individual merits. The above is an honest comparison and I wish Amega well as the more zero-point technology (with integrity) that is out there the better for all of us.

If you are looking for a product which can protect strongly against all forms of disturbed energy (including EMR/ EMF and Geopathic Stress), stops night terrors / psychic attack and works against insomnia as well, then you won’t find anything better than our life-energy products.

If you are a fan of the MLM business model, then this is something we can’t compete with and this marketing method does increase the retail price considerably. If you are a healing practitioner or retailer and are interested in our products, then please get in touch as we would be happy to work with you.

Whatever your decision, be careful with the Chinese knock-off wands that are being promoted on the net. Some test as next to worthless and are not made with integrity. There are some good alternatives out there, however, and we are investigating making them available through our web site at a more realistic price.




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