Maternal EMF Exposure Connected to Child Asthma Risk

Maternal EMF exposure connected with child asthma risk.

When expectant mothers are exposed to high levels of EMF they increase the chances that their children will develop asthma according to a recent study by Dr. De-Kun Li and his co-workers at Kaiser Permanente in Oakland, CA.

Using meters that were carried around by the mothers throughout their pregnancies the study showed that an exposure of just 2mG of EMF or EMR radiation was enough to more than triple the chances of offspring developing asthma by the age of 13. When exposure went up by another 1mG of EMF the chances of asthma developing went up a further 15%. His study was conducted with a sample of 626 boys and girls whose mother’s exposure had been monitored.

To give you some idea what 2mG is in terms of our daily exposure – a clock radio up to 3 feet away from us can expose us to anywhere between 5 to 10mG whilst a hairdryer or razor can expose us to between 200 and 400 mG.

My question would be how did they find mothers with such low exposure levels to compare with?

I find it encouraging that more studies like this are being done (although a little late on in the global EMF experiment in which we are all unwitting participants). My prediction is that if enough studies are done they will find correlation with EMF exposure and just about every disease known to man. This is for the simple reason that chaotic energy fields are generally detrimental to ordered energetic systems – US!

To counter this chaos our immune systems are super busy trying to balance us out, often becoming overwhelmed in the process. Put enough of this type of stress on the body and it can’t be a surprise that health will break down at the weakest link – usually dictated by a genetic disposition inherited from our parents.

But this is just my common-sense conclusion as I am not suitably qualified. It gives me hope that those who are qualified are providing solid evidence of this problem and perhaps leading to long-term solutions. In the mean-time I am glad to be part of the team offering short-term solutions by way of protective devices against the EMF menace.

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