Do I really need EMF protection?

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  • December 19, 2019
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Do I really need EMF protection?

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The discovery of electricity has without doubt made life easier, cleaner and more efficient. Most of us rely on it totally. Advances are being made rapidly with new technology, and 5G is being introduced worldwide.

But – no long-term studies have been done on how this affects us, animals and birds.

While we can appreciate and enjoy the many benefits of electricity/electrical appliances by making our lives more comfortable, it is also important to know that research proves that EMF radiation is a danger to our health and wellbeing.

What is EMF?

EMF is an invisible field generated by electricity passing through wire. It consists of two components – one is an electrical field which is a product of the voltage and one is a magnetic field which is a product of the current flowing. These are generally lumped together as EMF = Electro-Magnetic Fields. These energy fields become harmful when they are generated by chaotic/random spikes whilst travelling through motors and other devices. This spiky electricity is often called dirty electricity and the resulting EMF is a chaotic energy field which interacts with and adversely affects our own ordered energetic systems.

Outside our homes much of the EMF is from digital signals of a high frequency such as microwaves – from cell and radio towers. These frequencies can be harmful in themselves in that they have been shown to interfere with our body’s cellular communications and, as a result, cause even more stress.

What are the dangers?

When we are radiated by EMF it obstructs the bioelectrical signals being transmitted by our nervous system throughout our bodies. EMF undermines our immune systems and stops the production of the hormone melatonin essential for sleep and the prevention of Cancer and other diseases.

Our bodies put under this amount of stress from EMF become sick. It shortens our lives.

2.5 milli-Gauss (mG) is regarded as the maximum safe exposure limit for the magnetic component of EMF. Putting this into perspective, an oven, for instance, emits between 100-700 mG of EMF, and a hairdryer can emit up to 20,000mG. These are very common devices that we use daily thinking they are harmless.

The need for EMF protection

Until manufacturers, Governments and authorities take responsibility for improving EMF radiation the responsibility for making ourselves safe rests firmly with ourselves.

Until then EMF protection is a must as a preventative measure to reduce the impact and negative effects of electromagnetic radiation. Living in this world abounding with EMF radiation, some of which we have no control over, to take care of our own health and that of our family we need to take steps to protect ourselves.

The ubiquity of electromagnetic frequencies poses a constant threat. Here are some of the sources of EMF:

• Cell phones power cables

• Cell phones

• Cordless phones

• Computers

• Microwave ovens

• Circuit breaker boxes

• All Bluetooth technology

• Cell phone towers

• Satellite dishes

• Wireless internet routers

• GPS tracking

• Baby intercoms

• Home security systems

• Invisible Pet Fences

• Airport/ Military radar

• Electric alarm clocks

• Smart meters

• Television sets

• Kitchen appliances

• Refrigerators

• Electric water heaters

• Electric cars

• Anything with motors eg power tools, hairdriers, sewing machines.

How do I protect myself?

• limit the use of any EMF producing technology, this includes anything with a motor.

• Use hard wired internet if possible, if not switch off the Wi-Fi router when not in use.

• Turn your cellphone to airplane mode at night.

• Turn computers in the bedroom off.

• Use a corded phone instead of cordless which produces more EMF than cellphones

• Text rather than call on a cellphone.

Take time out to walk in nature or on the beach, preferably bare foot, this will ground you. Going in the country will not eliminate EMF radiation entirely but it will be greatly reduced, and you will get a beneficial fix.

Keep visits to shopping malls and cafes or public places with free internet to a minimum.

As the awareness of the dangers of EMF grows so also does the choice of EMF protection products that are available. These products work in different ways. Always look at the technology behind the product, together with any testing that has been done. With something as seriously damaging as EMF you need to be confident that you are efficiently protected. That you have the correct EMF protection product for you and your family’s needs.

How will you know that you have the right EMF protection for you?

Research and referral. Ask Mr. Google. Ask your friends.

Check-up on how the products have been tested. Are you being bombarded with sales-speak that is meaningless to you? Is the technology in the EMF protection product understandable and if not is there some-one on the sales team you can ask? What are other people saying about and rating the product? What is the returns policy – don’t risk your money.

There are two main types of  EMF protection: protection of a space and all those people within it, and personal protection such as EMF key-rings, EMF jewellery or EMF protective pendants. To get the protection tailored to your needs first decide what form of protection you really need

Do not get blindsided into buying more EMF protection than you need. But then again get enough that you will be safe. EMF protection is a mine-field but in todays world it is unfortunately a must.

Stay safe.

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  • Barbara

    Keep me in the know! Elevate Company put up a new wire outside my house and said it was to help the satellites connect with our phones better. My right arm feels like I have MS and I have had out standing health up to now. I am looking at ways to deflect this energy. I believe the wires are for 5G and everyone around me will start being more unhealthy. Thanks for what you are doing!


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