Chakra Balancing using the chi-Shell and Love Stone.

Quantum physics tell us that everything is energy, this of course is what metaphysicians  have said for thousands of years. Both are totally aligned.

What are Blocked Chakras?

We, as humans, are perfectly engineered, finely tuned, energetic beings. We are energy and run on energy. If that energy is out of balance, then so are we. Our energy centres, known as Chakras, need to be working efficiently so that we are at optimum. Homeostasis. They spin and when they are blocked by negative emotions, they stop spinning and we can become ill.

Each chakra is the centre of your emotional or mental state and is responsible for specific ailments or dysfunctions in the body.

There are many ways of balancing the chakras like using crystals but by far the quickest and simplest way is with technology that moves and balances energy. Life Energy Designs technology spins energy so when placed on a Chakra it unblocks it by helping it to start spinning again.

We received three emails from Sunni Karll, Author of ‘Sacred Birthing, birthing a New Humanity’ explaining how using one of our Chi-Shells and a Zen Stone Love she had amazing results balancing her chakras. Thank you, Sunni, for sharing this with us.

Physical results from Chakra balancing using our technology.

I received Love and the shell keychain, and opened them up and felt nothing, but went to lie down to see what they were like.  I laid LOVE on me, at the heart.

For 20 minutes I felt nothing, but then started feeling something, although it was so subtle, I could not describe it.  Then at 30 minutes, all the sudden this energy came into both feet and up my legs and I felt like my blood turned into fuel!  Amazing feeling that just continued and so I just watched and felt and followed it all around my body.

So, then I started playing with it and took off LOVE and kept the shell on me.  I tried it on my umbilicus, heart, high heart, and forehead. For me, the shell was rocket fuel and the interesting thing will be what happens next, because I have oedema of the legs and I am guessing that with the blood moving so well, that the oedema will get better.  I will wait and see.  And the best placement for this was north of the belly button.  – I think because the Vena Cava is right below and that is the blood’s return to the heart.  I am just guessing, but that’s where I felt the energy move the blood the most.

Metaphysical results from Chakra balancing using our technology.

In the first 20 min, I felt almost nothing, but those next 10 minutes, I had a running dialog from my Wise-Self that said my aura was starting to clear, and as mine was, so was the aura of the house.  Every few minutes I was told how much more was clear.  I didn’t feel things happening in my body, but I was sure feeling better and lighter as time went on.  The total clearing of me took only 2 hours!  but it was only directly on my body for 1 hour.  LOVE was next to me but not on my body.)   I think this is incredible!  I did ask that all the ‘energetic toxins’ be wicked away from me, the house, and the whole property.

I was only on my back for an hour, and during that time, I was amazed that so much energy was coming up my body but not leaving it.  So, I started placing it on the chakras. At my throat I found the block, and nothing was happening above it, so I left it there, but maybe only for 5 minutes.  Then there was the feeling of flow in my cheeks and then the top of the orbits of my eyes, and slowly that too moved up till I saw the flow coming out, looking like filaments.  And then the energy flowed from the balls of my feet out my crown.  This part only took maybe 10 + minutes!   This recipe you have in these little objects is WONDEROUS!

They are so important!

How can these get out to more people?   People need to know they are REAL and work like a charm!

So, thank you!  It was all guidance to buy these things in the first place, and I was continually pestered till I sent you the order.  (Who can tell whether an item like this works or not?) So, I had to rely on guidance,  but it is unusual for me to be pestered like that! I am amazed at this product and am grateful. And It only took 15 days to receive them.

Great gratitude for your work.

Energy balancing is an ongoing thing.

I continued with my exploration of the keychain shell  – I love that it’s a shell, and not just a do-dad!

It feels like it is three frequencies all in their own spin.

It feels like the body REALLY eats up these frequencies and opens up to them each.  And maybe pulls in healing prana from the ethers.  There is a strong pull.

I saw hexagons at one point – don’t know what that is about

I bet my body will get used to this as its new baseline, and I want to get as much as I can to you before that happens.

Sunni Karll, Iowa USA –   Author of ‘Sacred Birthing, Birthing a New Humanity’.


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