Returning to the Office: Coronavirus and Other Invisible Threats

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  • August 13, 2020
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Returning to the Office Amid the EMF Pandemic

Covid-19 has dominated the first half of 2020, and despite the relaxation of many restrictions that have rearranged our professional and social lives, the world’s attention remains on mitigating the impact this new threat has on our health and wellbeing.

Whether you follow the predominant narrative surrounding the coronavirus, or have been closely following the mounting research surrounding the impact the high level of EMF emitted by 5G is having on our bodies as its grip on our communities grows tighter, the fear and uncertainty that has so far defined 2020 remains universal. In fact, more than 65% of American workers surveyed remain uncomfortable with the idea of returning to work – whether through fear of transmission, or of the unremitting assault on our immune systems that continues to grow stronger every day.

Perhaps what unites us all, regardless of what we believe, is the feeling that the threat – 5G or infectious agents – remains abstract. Invisible and, without the use of advanced lab equipment, undetectable until it has already long posed a significant risk of harming our bodies.

Of course, as more people begin to feel dissatisfied with the mainstream coverage (and inconsistencies) of Covid-19, the science behind EMF’s impact on our immune systems has been able to gain traction. Our health was compromised before we were even aware of the Covid-19 and, now more than ever, knowledge and vigilance are not enough. The office poses such a high-risk environment that we all need to take the matter of personal protection into our own hands.

All forms of personal protection boil down to the necessity for shielding our already fractured immune systems from further attacks. EMF exposure has reached critically high levels within today’s workspaces, and it is attacking our immune systems every day of our lives. It is equally as insidious as any airborne germ, and its debilitating effects are being felt across the globe.

Covid-19 serves as a wakeup call to the importance of prioritizing our health within the workplace, but the solution goes far beyond hand sanitizer and face masks; it must comprise a full understanding of the true origins of the threat, and how we can protect our immune systems from its constant presence in our lives.

EMF in the Office

While many people are exposed to considerable levels of EMF radiation at home, modern offices present an environment in which the threat is much higher, and much more dangerous for our short- and long-term health.

Instead of the one or two computers we may have at home, the typical office will house at least one for each employee. The wi-fi needs to be far reaching, and the signal strong enough to work for any and all wireless devices the office might use, such as printers, tablets, laptops and cell phones. Technology is forever advancing in order to improve efficiency within the office; new Smart technologies are gradually becoming the norm in many offices across the globe, adding to the daily exposure to which many of us are subjected for around forty hours each week. This is hailed as positive progress for the workplace, and while it may assist with streamlining day-to-day tasks, the consequences for the health and wellbeing of its users remain largely buried.

EMF radiation represents the most intractable barrier between employees and wellness within the workplace. Prolonged exposure — for which the average work is more than sufficient — can have a wide range of side effects, from insomnia, mood changes and headaches to depression, sexual difficulties, impaired immunity, and cancer.

Returning with Safer Office Practices

Of course, there is very little any of us can do about the threat itself. Offices are dependent upon continually updating and improving the technology they use and moving away from our modern habits is not an option. We must find viable and sustainable practices that support our need to work in environments that, without EMF protection, are unviable.

EMF protection can be carried easily and conveniently about your person throughout the day, wherever you go, and zone protection can be used to create a wide protective field around the area in which it is placed, which will work to keep your body safe from radiation, and ensure peace of mind while you work. The technology used within any effective EMF blocker device is extensively tested to ensure that you will always be protected from the high levels of EMF radiation that exist in our modern spaces.

Returning to the office provides an opportunity for much needed reflection on the practices that many of us have, until now, deemed safe, and the ways in which we can alter our habits to ensure that we can remain safe in public spaces, where some of the greatest threats to our health remain hidden from view, and kept quiet by those who suppress facts as mere ‘conspiracies’.



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