Energy saving bulbs – International Express news!

Energy saving bulbs - International Express news!

Energy saving bulbs are getting more publicity ” and it holds more questions about health issues. It also has the disturbing news that governments have intentions to make low energy bulbs

compulsory and that conventional bulbs will disappear! Another choice taken away!

Sadly EMF is not mentioned as such ” this shows how much ignorance still surrounds EMF (EMR). It caused me to smile about China and India scattering cell phone towers because we are doing exactly that here in New Zealand. And with a population of only 4 million what on earth are they all for?

This article is from the International Express

Low energy bulbs are the dimmest idea.

So low energy light bulbs can be a health hazard. Yet they will, in the not to distant future, become virtually compulsory despite their negligible contribution to the environment. Those that can afford to will stockpile conventional bulbs while those who cannot will just have to suffer migraines, dizziness, skin complaints, and other conditions to which they might be susceptible and which can be aggravated by flickering or intense light.

Meanwhile China and India scatter power stations across their lands like confetti and, together with the U.S. account for half the world’s carbon emissions.

Whatever happened to common sense?” article International Express 15/01/08

A Texas Congressman has his say on the matter

Sadly it has been replaced by money, greed and power!

If you have not read my blog; The hidden truth on Energy saving bulbs, you can find out more facts and a case study on the real health affects.


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