Being calm and finding hope in the eye of the storm.

butterfly in the storm

The Storm

If you have but one empathetic “bone” in your body, you will be feeling for those who are suffering at the sharp end of war and political strife as well as those hit by recent weather and geological events that seem to be striking humanity with relentless recurrence.

Some of you reading this will also have had personal experiences that might have shaken your world to its core, as very few of us seem to have been spared the direct effects of recent events on planet Earth.

If you are prone to worry, then you might too be looking at the news and wondering where global events are leading and what it might mean for your family and loved ones at home and abroad.

But, however your personal belief system is creating context for these times, you must be concluding by now that we are at a pivotal point in human history that represents massive change. Change and personal equilibrium are clearly mutually exclusive states in the human field of experience!

How can we help?

I wish I could create a little bundle of hope and trust with this article that you could click on and download into your mind-space otherwise occupied by worry. Alas, despite recent advances in AI, my computer still lacks this function.

I will tell you that I am personally 100% convinced that all will ultimately be well in the same way that I can see the struggle of a caterpillar in terms of a butterfly in the making. I, however, understand and empathise with those whose minds will not settle to this perspective. To you I send a virtual hug and offer the following by the way of help:

Use the tools that you have.

If you are reading this there is a good chance that you have one of our energy-balancing products. Some of you may not know or have forgotten how good they are at helping us gain a sense of calm in times of stress and chaos.

When we become mentally stressed, our personal energy goes out of balance. When our energy goes out of balance, we become more mentally stressed. See the vicious circle?
When this cycle gets out of control you have all the ingredients for a panic attack. Even if you can reign it in, your day can be ruined.

Our Nu-Me pendant sitting on your central meridian will literally rob this cycle of momentum by bringing your personal energy back to balance. If you can sit quietly and add your mental focus to this process, then you can power it up to work faster.

A stronger device can provide greater help in times of personal turmoil. Our POWER P.e.Bal, although not designed for this, can be placed centrally on your lap to strongly put your energies into alignment. This can greatly help with meditation too. Don’t do this whilst driving or operating machinery as it can sometimes create dizziness – particularly for the energy-sensitive.

Our other devices such as Shell Shields or Zen Stones will work in the same way.

If you can, bring out the big guns.

Big guns

Our big gun in terms of de stressing the mind, emotions, and body is, of course, the QSB. The QSB offers the equivalent of a full system massage. It can offer calm in the most violent of storms and sleep to those with minds running riot.

You can check out our Christmas packages (available at time of writing) if your own toolbox is lacking but remember too to stay conscious in the present moment because this is where the eye of every storm lies.

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