Apocalypse Now

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  • October 20, 2021
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Apocalypse Now.

The word apocalypse often gets interpreted as the end of the world, but its another meaning is “revelation of great knowledge”.

It is clear to me that this is where we are at right now with both meanings being valid: great revelations of knowledge resulting in the end of the world AS WE KNOW IT.

On the global stage we are in a period of high drama where once-respected figures in the political, commercial, and entertainment arenas are being exposed as corrupt and, as a result, resigning or getting arrested. This process has been ongoing for some years but it is clearly accelerating. You can see the notable resignations here: https://www.resignation.info/list

“If you want to upset somebody, lie to them.

But, if you really want to piss them off, tell them the truth.”

Author unknown

There are some pretty ugly truths out there that will continue to act as hand grenades to people’s careers and liberty. My advice is to hold on to your hats as we are watching dominoes fall.

Apocalypse Here.

It’s all very well looking outside of ourselves at the unfolding drama of revelation but what about closer to home?

If you a human being, then I can guarantee that there are buried truths that each one of us are yet to face and which are being slowly or speedily forced out into the light. This process is usually painful, mostly unpleasant, and is one we have been conditioned to suppress with various distractive and addictive behaviors.

“The Truth Shall Set You Free.

But first it will piss you off severely.”

Author unknown.

When it comes to real healing – meaning healing that goes beyond the cover-up of symptoms with pharmaceuticals and leads to a permanent release of physical and/or emotional stress – facing these truths and bringing them into conscious focus is a critical part of the process.

“Shadows do not hang around after the application of sunlight”.

David Slinger.

We have all been the affected by unloving behaviors of other people. We are all affected by unloving behaviors of ourselves to ourselves and to others. If we bury the feelings associated with these unloving acts, then we are planting the seeds of physical and emotional illness that we will have to “look forward” to down the line.

The energy of the Apocalypse is forcing truth to the surface. Good luck if you wish to oppose this process as it will eventually be akin to holding onto a rock in the middle of violent rapids.

Short-term Pain for Long-Term Gain.

Whenever we demonstrate the QSB we need to warn people that there is a real chance of sudden pain in an old injury site. This happens because, although the physical wound may have healed, the energetics of the trauma are still in place. The QSB “shakes the tree” and allows these traumas to release with a short-term pain by way of a detox. Always these sites of occasional or regular “twinges” are forever silent as a result.

This is the nature of healing. Bring something to the light of attention, experience the pain or emotion of the wound or unloving event (short term pain) and then experience the release and be healed (long term gain).

Some of these wounds are deep-rooted and often stem from traumas and unloving acts experienced in childhood. The Apocalypse is shaking things up and bringing these to the fore along with collective trauma handed down from generation to generation originating from great disasters and wars of centuries past.

We are in the part of the film now where all seems lost. Our protagonist is looking at death, doom, or the loss of love in the face, in the dark night of the soul. But you and I have watched movies before. We know that the happy ending is really close.

I can feel it coming and I hope you can too.


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