5 Questions to ask about How much EMF protection do you need

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  • March 3, 2022
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how much EMF protectionA frequently asked question is how “how much protection is needed with the increased radiation levels and the rapid roll out of 5G worldwide”? This was in fact a question asked of us when speaking as EMF protection experts, on a celebs podcast.
So, how much do you need? Well without being a visitor in your life this is an impossible question to answer. So much relies on how much exposure you have to EMF emitting sources. How you live with these – like do you switch the Wi-Fi off when not in use along with your phone, and ride bike instead of driving a car. What composes your EMF filled days?

Only you know the nitty-gritty of these facts. Only you know what EMF devices you are surrounded by, and other than to pay someone handsomely to trail around your home, workplace and every nook and cranny of your existence, you are perfectly capable of answering your own question.

How? You may ask. Although you may have educated yourself in all things EMF you probably don’t consider yourself an expert. I beg to differ.

Determining how much EMF Protection you need.

As you know we at Life Energy Solutions are great fans of you using your own abilities and knowing what is best for yourself. All you have to do is tap into this. A great and reliable way to do this is by dowsing, everyone knows of the country folk taking two sticks to divine for water. Same thing except dowsing with a pendulum is easier. Another way to look at it is the similarity to kinesiology, muscle testing, which uses the body to answer questions or indicate problems. In other words, or bodies, minds and higher selves know what we need and what is good for us.

If we apply this to find out how much EMF protection, we need some standard questions are useful. The answers will be a simple yes/no.
5 Questions to ask when dowsing about how much EMF protection you need:

1. “Do I/we have enough EMF protection currently?”

2. “How much more protection do I need?” There will be a process if more is needed by determining the %. I suggest in increments of 10 or 25% depending how precise you want to be. Ask “ do I need to increase by 10% or more?” if the answer is yes ask “do I need to increase by 20% or more?” And so on until you get a no and then you can drill down to a more precise answer if you feel the need.

3. “What EMF protection product is most suitable for me or my/our situation?” Dowse on individual products by asking “ is this suitable?” You can also ask “is there a product that is better?”

4. “Do I need personal EMF protection?” and “do I need space EMF protection?”

5. If the answer is “yes” to space protection take your pendulum around your home or workplace and dowse to see where the best place to put your EMF protection product by asking “is this the best place to put an EMF device?” or “is this place suitable?”.
Having Fun with dowsing.

So, you have never dowsed before, and it sounds complicated? With our instructions you will see how simple it is. All of us are naturals at it, but some peoples doubt-maker-head gets in the way, so they have to practice a little, but believe me after mastering it these are the people that enjoy it most. Learning a new skill and taking control of your life is exhilarating as well as empowering. No need to stop at EMF either, a pendulum in a supermarket is invaluable to learn whether that cream donut is really so bad – or that tasteless muesli so good!

What can I dowse on?

Dowse on your relationships to see if they are toxic to you or the person of your dreams is waiting just around the corner. Lost those elusive car keys again? Dowsing is a great tool for finding anything you have mislaid.
Should you, or shouldn’t you? Dowse on it. is it good or bad? Dowse on it. is it the right or wrong thing to do? Dowse on it.

You can of course dowse on anything and everything and when the dowsing bug bites you will find that you carry your pendulum everywhere in your pocket.
EMF is a serious subject because it so adversely affects our health and wellbeing but inherently, we know what is good and best for ourselves, so dowse on it. Do it with confidence because dowsing has been reliably used for thousands of years to determine what we need and what is best for us.



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