Anti Wrinkle Cream- Home Made

Anti Wrinkle Cream- Home Made

Don’t spend a fortune on anti-wrinkle creams – make a Simple Natural face and body oil that really works

The cosmetic industry is cashing in on our fear of wrinkles. Eternal youth is now a goal and women (and men) spend a fortune on it. Anti wrinkle creams have become big business.

Look at the ingredients if you can understand them – all chemicals. Even so-called natural anti wrinkle products have chemicals to preserve them. The fact that our skin absorbs what is put on it – kind of eating through your skin – means that they are toxic to us.

So we may get beautiful skin but we can also get very sick!

If you take the basics of what really works and omit the nasties there is a very cheap anti wrinkles solution that you can make yourself.

Recipe for Anti- wrinkle face and body oil:

Add to 250mls apricot oil 25 drops of rose-hip oil (vit. C).

Other ingredients can be added. I use 20 drops of rose oil. 20 drops of wheat germ oil (vit E) and a few zinc drops (sun protection) but these just add to the brew and aren’t a necessity.

Shake well before use. Cleanse the face first with rose water (make sure that it is pure cooking quality – easily found in ethnic stores, and is cheap). Rose water is better than any commercial cleansers or astringents. See how much grime is on the cotton wool or tissue. Your face feels fabulous after using it.


Enjoy being wrinkle reduced.



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