EMF (Electromagnetic fields) Protection – are you being conned?

EMF (Electromagnetic fields) Protection - are you being conned?

As we become more aware of the dangers of EMF/EMR, as we educate ourselves about the havoc exposure to EMF/EMR causes, we look for answers – we look at EMF protection.

But what of all the gidgets, gadgets,and devices currently being offered to us – can we trust them to do the job – properly? How do we know that they can really protect us from Electromagnetic fields also known as electromagnetic radiation? Our lives depend on it

Watch out for lemons!

When exposure to EMF has been so catastrophic that a person becomes electro-sentive their symptoms, or alleviation of them, becomes the barometer. They can easily tell if something is working or not. Most of us can not.

So where do we go? who do we trust? what can we rely on when we are looking at EMF protection for ourselves and our loved ones. Are there any rules?

The three T’s are the rule of thumb when looking at all the EMF protective devices.

1)Technology – the science in/behind the device Make sure that it is clear, you understand it AND it is not a lot of gobbledy-gook that may sound good but means absolutely nothing. If it is not simply explained (so that any man in the street can understand) without using words that you have never heard of before, are not in the dictionary and can not be googled except in relation to that particular product and company – beware! The company are trying to baffle you. so you need to ask the question “Why?” If something is obvious like a TV working we don’t need to know how or what is making it work – we can see it. we don’t need to prove that it it works. If we can’t see how some thing works, as intelligent beings we need to KNOW what makes it work.

2)Testing – Results and proof. Does an EMF protective device do it’s job? How has it been tested? On whom has it been tested? Can you understand the results? If these questions don’t have straightforward answers – beware!

3)Testimonials – what are the experiences of other people of the EMF protective device? These people don’t “belong” to the company. They are not sales persons. They are people that had a problem and have found a solution and are sharing that to help you make your own decision – they have nothing to gain, other than the great feeling of sharing good news.

For life Energy Designs balancing/protective devices the three T’s are of paramount importance have a look at

And then you can make your own decision – consciously

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