Zenni, Australia

  • January 28, 2022
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De-stressing and Healing

The results that I got personally as well as my family were a god send! My 6 year old son had developed a lump in his throat (enlarged lymph node it was diagnosed as) which I had found when it became the size of a pea, we went and saw Dr’s, Radiographers, and Specialists and it progressively grew to the size of my thumb nail over the period of 3 months, all in the medical field told me not to worry about it that it would probably go away by itself!

As a mother I was petrified that it was something nasty, and had to keep reminding myself the words from his specialist…

We had a visit from my children’s Great Grandparents the afternoon that both of the Negaters that I had ordered arrived. I gladly showed these WONDERFUL creations to them both. Their Great Grandmother who has always been a believer was very amazed and asked me to let her know how things were in a few more days.

The boys Great Grandfather on the other hand is always the skeptic. That same afternoon both Grandparents asked about my sons lump in his throat and asked if they could possibly feel it.

I felt my son’s throat that same day, I was checking it every few days to see if it was changing, it was still the size of my thumbnail.

Imagine my surprise when I felt my sons throat a week after that day!!! THAT BLASTED LUMP THAT HAD STRESSED ME MORE THAN IT EVER STRESSED MY SON HAD SHRUNK BACK DOWN TO THE SIZE OF A PEA!!!!!! I was SOOOO HAPPPY!!! My son was SOOO HAPPY THAT I WAS SOOO HAPPY!!! Think what you will, be it the Drs were telling the truth OR the Negater had something to do with it!

Zenni, Australia


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