• January 27, 2022
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A thousand thank you’s for all you & life energy solutions do – I appreciate the newsletters AND I don’t know where’d I’d be without my pendant, p.e.bals and wand ( misplaced wand a few months ago and can’t find ~ but was amazing when I used it, as I have high levels of pain off & on) !!!!!!!!

I researched different products last year when, out of the blue, I started having heart palpitations & extra fatigue. I had just moved to a new place. I started pondering what could be causing this. I realized that on the floor below my bedroom, on one of the walls my bed was up against, was a breaker box and on the other wall – a smart meter!  I was sleeping with, not one, but two big causes – not to mention all the dirty electricity, emfs etc

For a month or so, I researched different companies and their products & decided on Life Energy Solutions I ordered pendants p.e.bals & the wand in hopes this would resolve the issues I was experiencing. The Energy was palatable when I received the package. Despite all I’d read on your website – it is something that has to be experienced to fully understand it. Almost like my body was humming – brain fog lifted and I felt so energized AND I hadn’t even opened the box yet. The heart palpitations stopped immediately & the extra fatigue soon to follow.

Just wanted to let you all know how blessed I’ve been with your products… They are truly more than products… They are energetically alive and I know I’m protected when I have them near.



Long Term Nu-Me Pendant Wearers

Debbie, US