Sunni Karll

  • January 27, 2022
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I received Love and the shell keychain, and opened them up and felt nothing, but went to lie down to see what they were like.  I laid LOVE on me, at the heart.

For 20 minutes I felt nothing, but then started feeling something, although it was so subtle I could not describe it.  Then at 30 minutes, all the sudden this energy came into both feet and up my legs and I felt like my blood turned into fuel!.  Amazing feeling that just continued and so I just watched and felt and followed it all around my body.

So then I started playing with it and took off LOVE and kept the shell on me.  I tried it on my umbilicus, heart, high heart and forehead. For me the shell was rocket fuel and the interesting thing will be what happens next, because I have oedema of the legs and I am guessing that with the blood moving so well, that the oedema will get better.  I will wait and see.  And the best placement for this was north of the belly button.  – I think because the Vena Cava is right below and that is the blood’s return to the heart.  I am just guessing, but that’s where I felt the energy move the blood the most.

So thank you!  It was all guidance to buy these things in the first place, and I was continually pestered till I sent you the order.  (Who can tell whether an item like this works or not?) So I had to rely on guidance  but it is unusual for me to be pestered like that! I am amazed at this product and am grateful. And It only took 15 days to receive them.

Great gratitude for your work. Sunni Karll, Author of ‘Sacred Birthing, Birthing a New Humanity’

Sunni Karll


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