Sarah Baird, Canada

  • January 27, 2022
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It’s been exactly a month now since we started using the p.e.bal. As you know, it took a few nights for the night terrors to stop (4 nights to be exact). Exactly one week after using the p.e.bal he had one more night terror, but it didn’t last very long at all.

He also awoke with another ‘mini’ night terror last week, but it lasted less than a minute and he was asleep again. Can’t really call it a night terror to be honest.
Overall, we have had amazing results! My husband was skeptical (of course) but even he can see the major improvement.

Before we had the p.e.bal my sons night terrors had become so bad that they were lasting 20 mins and he would run around the house screaming.
Other benefits are that he sleeps right up to his alarm now and his teacher commented on him being less emotional at school. He used to have a lot of anxiety at school but she is impressed with how well he is doing now.

I also seem to be calmer too!

I’m so glad that we found your company!

Thank you so much!!!

Sarah Baird, Canada


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