Samantha, New Zealand

  • January 28, 2022
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I’d like to share some feedback about the Nu Me pendant I’ve recently purchased : I have always struggled with hypersensitivity and maintaining focus on daily activities. I work in a customer service role in a busy mall. Whilst I enjoy helping others, my tolerance levels had taken a massive dive in recent months. This was leaving me feeling completely overwhelmed, drained and irritable. It was obviously having a negative effect on me in all areas of my life.

Once I tried on the pendant, I noticed an intense lightness as I tend to operate on mostly nervous energy. It was too powerful to sleep with under the pillow for the first few nights. However I noticed the difference immediately after wearing it at work. The pendant created a shield against other people’s energy. I felt calmer and more self-assured rather than absorbing that which wasn’t mine.

It’s still early days. I’m excited about this product and of the future benefits it will bring. Thank you. Samantha

Samantha, New Zealand


Karyn, NZ

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