Nina McDuff, N.Z

  • January 27, 2022
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Thought I should give you some feedback about your fantastic products and technology.
I bought a Nu-Me pendant from you beginning of last year as working in front of computers was draining me, I was living with a flatmate who was inadvertently bringing negative energy into the house and well, just as I am fairly EMF sensitive in general. Unfortunately I lost this first pendant down the dashboard of a workmate’s car.
A few months later I went to stay with a friend in central Melbourne – I mean bang in the centre – in an apartment. With logging on to the net there via wireless we noticed there were at least 8 other wireless accounts/frequencies transmitting that our computer was picking up on. I think this was the main contributor to my condition.

After the month I spent, although I had a great time in a fantastic city, I felt sluggish, tired, and was beginning to look rather grey in colour and my skin was even breaking out in a minor way. (these things us females notice!)

In September I returned to Melbourne, this time with a replacement Nu-Me pendant and I spent 3 months there. This time what a difference! I was sleeping better, my skin was fine I had more energy I was working again in an office and to top it all off I was also at this time in the early stages of pregnancy – with which you could expect some degree of tiredness. I was experiencing none. I definitely recommend the use of this technology, and I feel it helps calm energy around it and myself.

Thank you so much for existing, kia kaha to you in the face of any naysayers and have a fantastic rest of your year 🙂

Nina McDuff, N.Z


Zenni, Australia

Jodi Hansen, Akl, NZ