N Njenje, South Africa

  • January 27, 2022
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Many thanks for changing my life.

I was so happy to receive my p.e.bal. It arrived last week. I am already seeing a difference in my life. I haven’t slept this good for years. I have been restless throughout my early childhood, sleeping only for a few hours. The first night was a surprise. I usually lose sleep at about past 3am almost every day, sometimes I take sleeping tablets. Day one I placed the p.e.bal on my tummy and within a few minutes I was drowsy and fell asleep. Now I sleep and wake up refreshed, no sleepless nights, night terrors or passing shadows that make me uneasy. My back ache problem is no longer there.

Now there’s none of that stress. The best part is that I have more energy to perform my tasks at work. At first I was sceptical by just looking at its size and weight.

I carry it wherever I go. I am impressed with its results. People and my friends have also seen a change in me, they say I look bubbly.

N Njenje, South Africa


L. Silverman, USA