Matthew Henderson, NZ

  • December 27, 2019
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Positive emotional changes with shell Shield

We recently purchased a Negater Shell from your stall at the Hamilton Gardens Natural Health Festival. I am so far very happy with the effect it has had on our lives.

I have recovered a renewed sense of well being and emotional control. Where before I would fly off the handle with our three children over trivial matters, I have now become totally calm and composed amid circumstances where I previously was a ‘naughty red headed Scorpio git’ as my Wife, Chris, would call me. I sleep better and feel the hold of inhibiting negative energy beings have finally been broken. The feel of the very air itself in our bedroom, where the Shell is housed, is still and charged with a very calming energy.

Thank you for introducing such a wonderful change to our lives.

Matthew Henderson, NZ


John Hillier, NZ

J. Crockett, NZ