Louise New Zealand

  • January 27, 2022
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I changed jobs at the end of last year and when they asked me if there was anything I would really love as a leaving gift, I  suggested to them that I would love something from your website.  When I left they presented me with a set of all three zen stones.  I was utterly overwhelmed and so delighted!  From the first night my partner and I slept like logs, we really noticed a significant difference.

We had Christmas with my mother, who will be 90 this year, and has not been well and having trouble sleeping.

Because we were away for a week we took two of the stones with us – I have the HOPE stone in work at my desk.   My mum slept so much better while we were there with her and I was so sure it was the stones that we left the LOVE stone with her.  Since then is sleeping normally and is feeling generally better because of that.

So we just have the PEACE stone at home now, which is fine – I have great peace of mind now knowing that my mum is feeling better.


Louise New Zealand


Nina Hirvi, UK

Neil, NZ