• January 28, 2022
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Much Calmer with the RadiSafe & ki-bal

Just got my Ki-Bal almost a week ago and I love it!  My physical  therapist, who is also an energy medicine practitioner, did some testing on me with the Ki-Bal and my body really responds to it positively.

It is interesting, I am much calmer with the RadiSafe and Ki-Bal.  He found that when the Ki-Bal is near me my adrenals calm down.  He even found a few “sweet spots” where my body seems to prefer the Ki-Bal to be positioned for best effect.  Mine tends to be right around eye level about 12-18 inches in front of me.  I’ve also been using it on my shoulder injury and it seems to be able to relieve pain and swelling when placed directly on the injury and allowed to sit there for a time.  This whole concept of energy is new to me, but I do believe it is helping me.

L.S, New Zealand


Kris, NZ

DS, Australia