Jason R, Israel

  • January 27, 2022
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I received the pyramid about 6 days ago (approximately). The first night, I had 1 night terror (I was having between 4 and 5 on average for years)! After the first night I haven’t had any at all. I live in Israel with my wife and kids, but we’re visiting my parents for a month in the US.

It’s funny, we were sleeping and the my parents central heating system was making a strange sounds. Usually these types of noises would make me jump out of bed with hallucinations (small sounds seemed to effect me). However, it’s my wife who woke up and said…Jason…what’s the noise (she wasn’t having a night terror, just concerned). I was in such a deep sleep that she had to ask me a few times. I told her it was nothing and to go back to sleep. We spoke about it the next day.

2 days after that, my parents overslept (saying they haven’t slept so good for a long time ), and my wife said the same! Neither remembered about the pyramid until I told them. I’ve been having very deep, clear dreams without night terrors (even if some of the dreams are negative, they’re just regular dreams).

Jason R, Israel


F Charman, Australia

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