Janis Balmforth, NZ

  • January 27, 2022
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I love my Nu-Me Shell pendant and wear it all the time. As soon as I put it on I noticed a difference and felt I was getting healing from it. I bought it during winter and initially the energy I could feel around me was so strong it made me feel cool. I had to get use to the energy. The pendant slows down my breathing and makes me aware of my breath. My eyes feel more opened and I am calmer. It helps my stress levels and keeps me focussed at work. I did not realize how much stress can make you unwell until I didn’t have that stress anymore. If I don’t wear the pendant I notice the difference. I am calmer and happier and will always have the pendant on me.

Janis Balmforth, NZ


S Rademacher, NZ

Raechel, Wellington, NZ