Elizabeth Salmon, NZ

  • January 27, 2022
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My New Treasure

A report on my new treasure, the crystal water bottle. After four months of serious problems with my right hand, but with some recent improvement, I was startled last week when I realised that there was considerable improvement in my hand, that pain had gone and there is a lot less swelling. I can only attribute this to the water which is confirmed by dousing. I have also had my QSB tuned in to 666 in the mornings from 10-12, but dousing says that is not the reason for the improvement. As well, my equilibrium is quite extraordinary. A less than sensitive handling from the church  where I have been sole organist for about 25 years has resulted in my leaving the church. In past years I would have been bitter and resentful. Not so now. My spiritual understanding is free from things that I couldn’t accept, I have had the strength to make a stand and walk away from what was not right for me, and I am calm and peaceful. How priceless is that?

So my pendant, QSB, Power P.e.bal, Ki-bal, my shell, my Radi-Safe Protect, and now my crystal water bottle are my most valuable possessions, in use every day. Interestingly I have hardly any pain from the various problems with my spine. I wonder why?!

I was given very beautiful flowers this week. They are in energised crystal water. It will be interesting to see how long they remain fresh. I have followed Dr Emoto for years and have put some energised water in a jar with the following label: The right of choice and free speech for all on planet Earth. I’ll probably have a few more jars with different labels operating very soon. That feels SO good. The bottle is never empty. Energised water goes into a crystal jug, and the bottle is filled again. It is so satisfying and simple.

So once again, dear David, enormous gratitude from me.


Annette Papworth

Amy Balmer NZ