Elizabeth, Etsy

  • January 27, 2022
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I have to say again that I have noticed a huge difference in my inner being since having the POWER P.E.BAL in my life, even though for only a few days.
I now have the Nu-Me Protective Pendant as well which I allowed a music student to wear today during her lesson. She is very sensitive to EMF and was feeling quite fragmented when she came. At the end of the lesson she felt calm and centred and was breathing more easily. Guess what she is going to buy tomorrow?

Previously I wore a protective device which helped for some time, but recently I realised that I didn’t feel any different if I left it off for a day or two. I guessed that it no longer was strong enough for me. Apart from planetary and cosmic energies at this time logic says we must be reacting to 5G from satellites even if we do not have 5G in our own local environment.

Synchronistically, a friend showed me her pendant and pyramid. A pendulum went ‘wild’ while I tested them. The gift you have given us is immeasurable. Everyone, but everyone should be wearing a pendant or have POWER P.E.BAL in their home. Every good wish, Margie, and gratitude.

Elizabeth, Etsy


Sue Y

Elizabeth, Etsy