Elinor Scherl, USA

  • January 27, 2022
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P.e.bal Protection Pyramid immediate effect

I just wanted to share with you that I just ordered my 2nd p.e.bal in a month (taking advantage of your extended discount). I ordered my first one about a month ago. I was searching for something that would help with geopathic stress and EMF. The day I picked it up at the mailbox, I noticed that before I got out of the parking lot my energy shifted. I felt lighter and was smiling suddenly. I realized it was the effects of the p.e.bal, sitting still in the shipping box on the seat beside me. I knew that I was in for some wonderful experiences. I have felt the energy in my house become much clearer, lighter and more pleasant to be in. At night I have placed it on the night table by my bed, and I find I sleep very deeply. I feel better, my mood is better and I have noticed what one of your testimonials has said–that I can now tell that much of what I had been experiencing was not mine, that I can now differentiate what is mine and what is not (which is now dissipating thanks to this great little pyramid).

Before I ordered the first p.e.bal, my guidance was to buy 2 and place them at opposites sides of the house, which would create an overlap and perhaps a vortex in that space. For both financial reasons and not knowing what my experience would be, I decided to get one and see.

Well, I knew immediately I would be ordering another. Thanks to your extended discount, I decided to take advantage and order sooner rather than later (although my bank account would have preferred later).

Thanks for offering such great products. I love holding the pyramid. I will add that I ordered a NU-ME pendant about a year ago, and my experience with that the first day I wore it was so intense that I put it in a drawer and only brought it out after getting the pyramid. I find I can now wear it without a problem and wear it regularly when I am out of the house.

Elinor Scherl, USA


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