Elijah P. MA U.S.A

  • January 27, 2022
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I’m definitely loving the P.E. bal. I once thought of getting crystals but when I researched, i came across your website and was fascinated by it from what it does to what people say about it. It’s indeed a life-changer.

It’s been more than a month since I purchased my first P.e.bal and I’m proud to tell you that it has been performing great! There was peace in the house, less tension between people, the atmosphere was lighter. In fact, the first day it came from the mail, my family felt drowsy. My nephew had less night terrors, they weren’t severe like he used to cry all night. Thank you! I guessed that I needed to place it on my palms from time to time and wish/meditate upon it. It seems to me like it needs to absorb positive energy and good wishes from someone when I notice that there is quite a spark of tension within the family.

Elijah P. MA U.S.A


Jamie, NZ

Sylvia Hendrikx, NZ