Collen Johnston, NZ

  • January 27, 2022
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My grandson Shon was admitted to Starship Hospital (Auckland childrens hospital) last month with a serious head injury.

Initially it was not known whether he was going to survive or not.

I felt to take in my p.e.bal and put it beside his bed. Very quickly he stabilised. The doctors said he would need two weeks recovery time. Shon put the p.e.bal beside him in his bed and handled it all the time. He was well enough to be discharged just one week after the accident to the surpise of the doctors.

Both Shon and myself are convinced that the p.e.bal helped in his recovery and we believe that the other children in the ward benefited too. I have given Shon the p.e.bal and will be sending for my replacement soon.

Collen Johnston, NZ


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