Colleen McLeod, NZ

  • January 28, 2022
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As I lost my original pendant – just simply wasn’t there one afternoon – I rang David to order another one. We got chatting about the benefits of wearing the pendant and I mentioned that last winter, when everyone around me was dropping like flies with the usual ailments, I was spared even a cold. I would develop the normal systoms and prepare myself for the onslaught, but nothing ever progessed past feeling chilly and a headache. Days would pass and still no cold. That speaks for itself as far as I am concerned – the protective/supportive influence upon my immune system was unbreached – due, in no small part I feel – to the pendant. I have a predisposition to weakness in the chest/lung area, so not to get even a cold is brilliant. Thanks so much for making an awsome product.

Colleen McLeod, NZ


Patricia, Canada

Michelle, NZ