Carol Magee, NZ

  • January 27, 2022
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EMF Protection products for the whole family

We never thought about inquiring for bulk purchase earlier – I’m so grateful this option is open to us now.  We are so excited about what we have seen in the last six weeks since trialing a range of your products.  All the work in raising EMF awareness results in the same thing:  parents are always asking “what can we DO about the radiation we can’t control from neighbours and schools, towers and hospitals?”  But the few things we trialed  over the years never really worked… and we couldn’t recommend anything that we hadn’t tried successfully ourselves. Then we picked up a beautiful little silver pyramid on display at Dr Steve Joe’s clinic. Life-changing!

The members of our own family, and our informal parent support network of high needs families, include  conditions like the physically and mentally disabled, brain injuries, vaccine injuries, cancer survivors, genetic conditions, autistic children both mild and severe, and PTSD.  Our own daughter with a bone tumor a few years ago discovered that high EMF fields made her bone pain worse – and that there was instant relief when smart phones were turned off.  (Our daughter is doing fine now.)  But reducing in earnest the dangerous fields in our own house also caused our two nonverbal brain injured/stroke  children to sleep better and stay calmer and heal chronic inflammatory conditions, which we didn’t expect. ..

Our own experiences triggered more study into cause and effect and human bioenergy – and whatever we learn we share  with our parent and alternative health networks. So this month we have given away a lot of your products! And bought more to replace them!

We are getting such great feedback from surprised parents, teens, the elderly  –  100% so far have noticed a significant effect on their health, sleep, pain or anxiety – including two proudly proclaimed skeptics, who are now sheepishly ordering their own  items for their work places and friends. Truly, your work has generated so much hope. Do you ever get tired of hearing the same good things over and over?

Below are the items we would like to buy; please advise bank and payment details. The delivery address is at the bottom.

And again, thank you so much for what you are doing.



Cherie, Website

Lynn Joyce