C Holland, Birkenhead, NZ

  • January 27, 2022
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The 2 week crisis at work turned into a 2 month crisis. It has however given me the opportunity to test the Nu-Me pendant to the max, as for the last 2 months despite having M.E. for the last 20years and normally working a 6hr day I have survived 2months of working under considerable pressure for and average of 10 hours a day. During this time often stopping only for a banana for lunch at about 4pm. I know from 20yrs experience with M.E. that I should have suffered a relapse. The Nu-Me is not a cure for M.E. but it provides an ability to cope with stress, pressure, and longer working hours than would be normally possible.

While initially skeptical as I have tried many things over the years which initially had a placebo effect, they all ultimately failed. I was delighted to find that the energy benefits have continued. I also have a negater by my bed which has greatly helped my sleep disorder

C Holland, Birkenhead, NZ


Jodi Hansen, Akl, NZ

S Rademacher, NZ