Alex, USA

  • January 28, 2022
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Alex had asked for a refund under our 30 days no quibbles policy. Then we received this:

“Never mind, I thought I couldn’t afford it but now that I’ve put it on I can’t afford not to, I’m looking forward to receiving more of your products and thank you so much, it brings tears to my eyes to feel so relieved from my depression I’ve been fighting for so long.

, I’m a 21 year old full time student, part time worker, and spend most my day behind a computer or the wheel of a car & would always feel something off during my day, it was unexplained and seemingly uncalled for with no cause, until I learned about the dangerous effects of EMF and EMR and found life Energy Designs, thank you life energy for giving me my life’s energy back :)”

Alex, California, USA


Kendall Webb, USA

Tracey Neil, BCA Hons, Queenstown, NZ