Aiko, USA

  • January 27, 2022
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I purchased the pyramid thing (silver color) from you about 3 months ago. It was for my son who has been having night terrors. I cannot believe it, but he has not had any major terrors since I placed it in his room. The only time he’s had the “night terror” were little  more than a sleep walk. We took it to our trips to make sure he would not have the terror. A few weeks ago, my father became seriously ill, and I took him to an emergency room. Because I had to be the caretaker, I asked my husband to bring our motorhome so I can sleep in the parking lot while my mother, who does not speak much English, slept in my father’s hospital room. My son wanted to sleep in the motor home with me that night, and because of the stressful situation, he ended up having a strong night terror, but probably because I didn’t bring the pyramid! Then after that, sleeping at home, he is back to normal again.

So, I just wanted to tell you how this seems to be working well. Thank you very much!

Aiko, USA


Connie Reise, USA

Jenni, Auckland, NZ