Better Health and Wellness with Life Energy Solutions

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  • August 2, 2022
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Better Health and Wellness with Life Energy Solutions

Better Health and Wellness with Life Energy Solutions

Life Energy Solutions was started by David and Margie Slinger with the focus on better health and wellness through EMF and cell phone radiation protection products and complementary products promoting energy balance and healing.  In this interview MysticMag hears more about their story, the risks associated with electromagnetic fields and protection advice.

How did you first become interested in Electromagnetic fields and what inspired you to create your business?

We came at the subject of electromagnetic fields “backwards” in that we found a great solution for it in a technology we originally explored to help with a very different problem!

Margie and I were living in Kenya in a coastal village that used to be a slave port for the Arab slave trade.  The village is called Shimoni, which means the place of the caves. These caves were used to hold the slaves prior to shipping them out to the markets in Zanzibar. Many didn’t make it this far as their stay in the caves didn’t include any food or water as a way for them to select only the strong individuals who survived this ordeal. The poor souls who didn’t survive were buried on the piece of land which we leased to build our house on.

We were not told about the history or our new home as we started to build our personal residence as well as the base for our dolphin encounter business. We quickly found out, however, as we dug up their bodies in the process of digging a well. These bodies were laying in random directions which indicated they were not part of the local Muslim population who would have been buried with their heads toward Mecca.

Anybody with an understanding of energy will know that this kind of dark activity will leave a dark legacy in the form of an area of disturbed energy. We were not aware of this at this stage but we were experiencing the consequences of living with this disturbed energy.

Margie would scream in the middle of the night and sit up in a state akin to sleepwalking. We later discovered that this is night terrors and was something previously unknown to Margie.  We also both experienced unpleasant visitations by some nasty entities in what I would call psychic attacks.  With the basic understanding of disturbed energy being the issue, I searched for a solution online.

I found something known as orgonite. Orgonite is made with resin and metal shavings in conjunction with crystals. The resin and the metal works together in line with principles discovered by Wilhelm Reich to move energy through the device, whilst the crystals do the work of bringing the energy to a state of balance and harmony.

We made our own devices with some boat resin, metal shavings from a Mombasa workshop, and crystals from a gift shop.  Our devices weren’t pretty, but boy did they work! We put them in the caves, in the ground around our property, and in the water table in the village.

No more night terrors. No more psychic attacks. It was like a dark fog had been lifted and we were suddenly tangibly living in a clean, energetic space.

Fast forward a year and we were new immigrants in New Zealand and wondering how we were going to feed ourselves. The idea to get this amazing technology out to the Kiwis came loud and clear. It wasn’t long before we had started a business making these funky energy-balancing paperweights which we sold up and down the country in healing and new-age fairs.

We started getting some great feedback, much of which involved reports of people sleeping much better to the point that insomnia often had become a thing of the past.

We consulted a local geomancer who did some dowsing and confirmed to us what we suspected that our devices were generating a protective field against all disturbed energy, including EMF (we have subsequently had more testing done to show how they protect people).

Naturally, we did some research and quickly realized that EMF was a major issue and a very likely culprit in terms of causing insomnia. We were both excited that we had a solution to help people with this major problem in addition to what we knew previously in terms of historical disturbed energy, unfriendly spirits,and night terrors.

What risks are associated with EMFs?

This is a question big enough for a whole book in itself. The easiest way to explain this is in terms of who we are as energetic beings. As a conscious energetic system, we are designed to have every part of our existence vibrating in harmony with each other. This is challenging enough to achieve and maintain when you understand that our traumas and issues are like chaotic nodes in this system. EMF throws another intense challenge our way in the form of dirty electricity. Dirty electricity is electricity that has picked up random, chaotic spikes from passing through our devices which, in turn, generate chaotic fields with no discernable pattern.

There are also, wi-fi, cell phones, and other digital signal emitters that are throwing high frequency, often high-energy signals into our bodies and energy systems. They can be likened to woodpeckers tapping away at us with some of the frequencies used close enough to our own innate frequencies to be able to jam them and impair their function.

These chaotic fields interact with our own energy systems and destabilize them. How much these succeed in knocking us out of balance depends on the strength of the fields, our proximity to them, and how strong we are to counter them and pull ourselves back into harmony despite their presence.

Our energetic immune system has the job of protecting and balancing us in the face of this onslaught. In a strong individual, it can do a decent job but there is a heavy cost in terms of lost energy and stress on the system.

Stress on the system starts to create symptoms which include headaches and irritability. It can also induce body pain, lethargy, tinnitus (ringing in the ear), nausea, burning sensation, heart arrhythmia, depression, fatigue, lack of concentration, anxiety, and, as we have discussed, insomnia.

If you keep a person under this kind of stress continually then minor symptoms have the potential to lead on to major conditions that are tied to the genetic make-up of the individual. This is why there are so many conditions attributable to EMF as the stretched chain breaks in an individual’s weakest link which is regularly some form of cancer or other life-threatening condition

How can Energy Balancing Products and EMF protectors help?

The technology we work with has evolved from our original orgonite devices to incorporate special coils that generate a vortex of energy, allowing small devices to have proportionally way more strength. Whenever you move any type of energy from one place to another you create a field. With our devices being embedded with high-quality quartz crystals, this energy field is being controlled and harmonized to the point that any form of disturbed energy passing through this field becomes harmonized.

We now use our Tesla-based scalar wave technology to embed healing Solfeggio frequencies into the crystals in our products and making them available to the user as a healing resource.

If you are wearing one of our Nu-Me pendants or in the proximity of one of our stronger space-protection devices, then any disturbed energy coming towards you has to pass through these harmonizing fields which means that when it hits you it has lost all or most of its ability to knock you out of balance.

What are some of your more popular products?

The POWER P.e.Bal (pyramid energy balancer) is the strongest device we produce and certainly the most popular. It is strong enough to protect a home or workplace under moderate EMF conditions and most people can feel the energy flowing from it.

Apart from being the strongest device there is certainly something about its shape in that people seem to have an innate understanding that pyramids are special structures on our planet.

What are some of your more popular products?

Next popular would be the Nu-Me Skinny Pendants. These have evolved over time into a range of silver and stainless designs that all do basically the same job.  Besides protecting from all forms of disturbed energy (including other people’s bad hair days!), they are empowered by sitting on our central meridian where they can strongly interact with our own energy to keep us balanced, centered, and calm – even in times of great stress.

What are some of your more popular products?

Another very popular product is the Ki-Bal or pyramid keyring. This is ultra-portable and very strong relative to its size. Parents often buy these to attach to school bags as they give a strong zone of protection that puts them between a space protector and a personal protector. They are also great to carry your keys on.

What are some of your more popular products?

Are there any self-care practices you use personally to protect your energy?

I will confess to relying on our devices to pick up the slack of some personal neglect in this area.  We use our QSB (Quantum Scalar Box) scalar healing device daily which is like a deep energetic massage to release stress and blockages from our systems.

One thing I would recommend to everybody is to regularly walk barefoot on the grass or beach in order to ground oneself. This discharges any built up electrical charge and reconnects us with the earth. The Nu-Me does this too by extending our energy field down into the earth beyond the insulating rubber soles and concrete which we are usually walking on. It is very strengthening in this respect and the increased strength can be used to illustrate the efficacy of the pendant. See here

Whether anybody invests in protective devices or not it is wise to take all precautions to limit our EMF exposure where we can.

Do you absolutely need wi-fi? If so, can it at least be turned off when not in use?

Don’t carry your phone on your person without shielding. There are studies showing that cancer tumors arise in the breasts of women who keep their phones in their bras and guys are getting testicular cancer as a result of carrying their phones in their front pockets.

Avoid long conversations on a cell or cordless phone with it up against your head. Use the speaker or cell phone protection as you are microwaving your brain when you do this.

Last but not least – educate yourself as to the dangers of EMF exposure and what you can do to mitigate these dangers.

Where can we find more information about your products?

Our web site can be found at www.lifeenergysolutions.com and we ship worldwide with customers in nearly every country on the planet.

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