Causes of insomnia and cures for insomnia

Causes of insomnia and cures for insomnia

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Insomnia is a complex subject as any one has suffered or researched it knows. What makes it difficult for us to get the essential sleep that the body needs? We were designed to need it. Without it we don’t function properly. Insomnia can be as debilitating as any illness, but it is so common that it can be dismissed as trivial.

Causes of insomnia:

Illness, pain, depression, stress, worry, anxiety, fear, over active mind, diet, indigestion, life style, over stimulation, discomfort, heat, cold, uncomfortable mattress, restless bed partner, snoring roommate, pets and children, light, dark, noise, sift work, changing time zones, changes in routine.

And EMF radiation. This is not only a cause on its own but it will also aggravate any of the other causes adding to them another dimension. Without addressing this no cure for any other underlying cause will be fully effective.

EMF stresses the body and causes the immune system to be in flight and fight mode as it perceives EMF to be the alien attacker that it in fact is. No wonder we can’t relax and drift into a glorious night’s sleep when our bodies are doing battle.

Cures for insomnia


Addictive with debilitating side effects.

Herbal supplements: Gentle but often don’t get to the heart of the problem. There are on-going costs.

Music tapes, relaxation tapes, hypnosis tapes

: time needs to be allocated for listening to them. Results vary.


: like herbs can be too gentle!

Hot baths:

Not a practical, economically viable, nightly solution for most people. Showers have replaced baths in lots of properties.

A good mattress:

this is essential and will aid any cause of insomnia but beware if it is sprung! It will be re-radiating EMF into your body!!

Snack, supper, or hot drink at bedtime:

can help with some causes of insomnia, but watch your waist line!

Exercise before bed time:

I suppose the theory is to tire yourself out enough to sleep – and it works to a degree!


Whether it is an insomnia cure or not it is lovely. But if you live alone sadly it is not an option.

Reading: This is controversial as a cure of insomnia but lots of people read in bed so it either helps or shortens the long hours of lying awake.

Protective devices:

Life Energy protective devices harmonize EMF radiation allowing the body to relax, the immune system to get on with its job of warding of bacteria, viruses and all other nasty invaders so that you not only get a good night’s sleep, you keep well.

Whatever the cause of your insomnia don’t forget that without addressing the EMF radiation you will not find a fully effective insomnia cure.


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