How EMFs could be spoiling your good night’s sleep

How EMFs could be spoiling your good night’s sleep

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We all understand from experience the importance of getting a good night’s rest. When you struggle to get to sleep easily or wake up a lot during the night, it can ruin your entire day. Many of us assume the problem is internal, and may simply head to the chemist to find herbal or pharmaceutical remedies, many of which may not work or could even create health issues in themselves over time. It’s quite possible that in many instances, the problem may be something more insidious that you simply hadn’t considered.

Keep reading to find out about how the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) emitted by everyday technology might be what are affecting the quality of your sleep, and why that’s a serious cause for concern.


Why a Good Night’s Sleep is so Important

Sleep is the body’s reset function. While scientists still don’t fully understand all the functions and benefits of sleep from a neurological perspective, we know that it is essential for both physical and mental well-being, and thus getting the right amount is crucial. For adults, that recommended amount is between 6-8 hours of sleep a night, and we need to get this amount of sleep for several nights in a row in order to get the full benefit.

Sleep doesn’t just restore your energy for the next day, it also revitalises your immune system, restores brain function, the health of your heart and other organs, and helps to regulate your appetite. If you do not get much-needed rest, you run the risk of developing some serious long-term health problems.

Such effects could include lethargy during the day, difficulty focusing, anxiety and depression, and chronic health problems like heart disease.

If you are struggling to sleep, electromagnetic fields emitted by devices like your Smartphone could well be the culprit, especially if you charge your phone close to the bed and/or use it for your daily alarm. The fields produced by these and other devices affect the way your body produces melatonin; the hormone which helps to regulate our sleeping patterns. If we do not have enough melatonin in our systems, we simply won’t get the deep, rejuvenating sleep we need. Take steps today to eliminate or reduce EMF radiation in your bedroom and get the rest that you need.


So what actually are EMFs?

Electromagnetic fields are generated by any and all electrical charged objects. While there are many nature sources that are not harmful, such as the Planet Earth itself, most man-made sources of EMF generate more intense fields at very different frequencies. The debate has raged for years as to whether these sorts of EMFs have any serious impact upon our health, despite more and more research and anecdotal reports indicating that they do. As we continue to increase the number of electrical appliances in our everyday lives, we need to be more aware of EMFs and understand the different adverse effects they can have on us.

A number of key studies have yielded compelling evidence that EMFs do indeed have a negative effect on our bodies, and the ubiquity of WiFi and mobile technology has only increased the level of exposure since many of these studies were first undertaken. As we constantly build and expand, we are making it harder and harder not to live near potentially dangerous cell phone towers, and WiFi is increasingly prevalent in our homes, places of work, and in public spaces thanks to hotspots.

We are surrounding ourselves with dangerous electromagnetic radiation and we simply don’t know the full extent of the damage we could be doing to our bodies over time. Luckily, Life Energy Solutions has a range of EMF protection products to help shield you from the hazardous effects of this invisible enemy.


How Does EMF Protection Help?

From smartphones to televisions, you only have to look around your house to see a myriad of devices that produce EMF radiation. It is therefore extremely important that you get your hands on some quality EMF protection.

This protection negates the radiation given off by the EMF devices using unique technology embedded with scalar waves. Scalar waves also called zero-point energy. Our devices create an energy field that harmonises the harmful effects EMF radiation, one where you can get the good night’s sleep you need.

We recommend our POWER P.E.BAL or our Zen Stones to best protect you while you sleep. The scalar energy of these two top devices spreads out in a wide radius to envelop you and your loved ones.


Continue your Protection

If you are committed to reducing EMF exposure in your everyday life, don’t stop at the bedroom. There are many different personal and zone-based EMF protection products to suit all your needs. Think about the exposure you might be receiving in your day-to-day life, and take steps to combat it today.

Whether it’s problems sleeping or a more general concern about EMFs, take steps to improve your life today!


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