An energy fix for all devices??

An energy fix for all devices??

We’re always looking for new ways to use our technology. Recently we had an email from Brett in Australia that discovered that the pebble could be used to repair broken machinery.

Hi David. Interesting story about our p.e.bal. Yesterday while unaware that I was angry with someone and had not expressed how I felt, I set about making a cup of coffee. Hey presto, the machine ( or rather the pump) would not work. Bloody hell, thought and I rang the repair man who informed me it would be $250.00 for a new pump. Further enraged at this I began to verbalize and express how I felt, which produced a rapid release of the negative feeling energy. Then I thought, mmm disordered energy, I wonder. So I placed the p.e.bal on the machine, turned it on, waited five minutes and voila! the machine now works perfectly. Interesting? Cheers Brett.

Now this might be stretching the bounds of belief for some people, but if you understand that everything is energy – including, of course, all our devices and our machinery, then you can perhaps see that it is possible to interfere with their function by overloading them with our own unbalanced energy.

I don’t think we are going to go as far as to market our products to fix broken machinery. Neither will be making any claims or promises. I think, however, we can go as far as putting the word out to all whom are reading this blog that it might be worth a try before calling out the repair man.

So, the challenge goes out. If you’ve been having a bad hair day whilst operating anything mechanical or electrical and it suddenly stops working, then have a go with placing a pyramid energy balancer or another one of our energetic products on top of the offending machine and see what happens.

We look forward to hearing your stories!

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