EMF and Disturbed Energy in Hospitals

EMF and Disturbed Energy in Hospitals

To experience disturbed energy in all its glorious spectrum – visit a hospital.

Electromagnetic field radiation in mega doses plus dis-ease, negative emotions and human suffering in all its forms. A matrix hard to cope with.

In a hospital bed with a broken ankle and complications after surgery I pondered on this as I lay over a motor giving me blasts of EMF as the nurse higher and lowered my electric bed. This on top of x-rays and probably doses of EMF from the machine that they strap to my arm to check my “vital signs” to see if I am still alive! That of course is only the beginning in a high tech, all electric health facility. “I am here to get well” I thought – “and in fact they are killing me.” Bit of an over-reaction I know – but in all reality it wasn’t speeding up my recovery.

Then there were my roommates with their assortment of medical conditions – dis-ease in energetic terms – accompanied by all the raw emotions attached to them. Add their visitors in all their states of human condition and wow-eee, an energetic mix of gigantic proportions.

Not that I wasn’t grateful to be having expert care –but -as you can imagine I armed myself – well it is self-survival!

After side effects from painkillers – we won’t go there except to say that they play havoc with the normal functioning of the digestive system in all its unspeakable entirety – I put a Nu-Me clip on my cast and low and behold it did its job perfectly. Thankfully it also seemed to assist the healing because after examining the wound after the stitches were removed the doctor declared that it had healed exceptionally well. Of course there was a lot of curiosity as to what the Nu-Me was and almost without exception I got the glazed eye, she’s a bit odd, look when I tried to explain. I found that the medical profession is very single minded on the whole – eventually though EMF will be as big a taboo as smoking.

Of course I was also armed with a P.e.bal and Negater Shell, the nurses wondered why the trio in our little room slept so well. I didn’t try to explain!

I’m home now but not yet mobile. It will be a few weeks. Thanks for all the well wishes I have received they are pretty powerful too and I know they will help me on my way to recovery including the joy of being able to go upstairs and rifle though my wardrobe. Until then David is choosing my outfits. I will say no more other than I am very grateful – to be clothed at all!!


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