Cellphones can Heat Food – What the Manufactures Don’t Tell You

Cellphones can heat food - what the manufactures don't tell you.

Did you know that you can heat your meat, or veg pie with a cell phone? no, the manufacturer didn’t put it in their manual. If they did they would also have to admit that it cooks your brain. It may be slower than a microwave oven – but it does just as good a job (eventually).

The microwaves from a cell phone are of a different frequency and power but they are both ionizing radiation So the effects are the same.

You wouldn’t stick your head in a microwave oven.
Would you? So why would you stick a cell phone next to your ear? “It’s protected” you may protest. Even if that same protection was stuck on a microwave oven would you still stick your head in it? Doubtful. Because you aren’t going to risk it. Because common sense and self preservation reign.

So why do we continue to blindly believe that our heads are not at risk when we can still feel our ears warming up as we chat on our cell phones?

Protection is needed of course. But take the added precaution and use a hands-free device – and keep your head out of the microwave. It was not designed to be cooked. unless you are a cannibal that is!


PS See how our energy systems respond to cell phones.

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