Preparing for 2012?

Preparing for 2012?2012 is being discussed by the people that you least expect. 2012 doomsday, 2012 enlightenment, 2012 assertion, 2012 this and that. Different interpretations, different opinions, different, different, different. So how do we navigate amongst all this information? What is true?

The only honest answer is – what ever resonates with you. Simply – you will know in your gut.

The most consistent fact is that things energetically are speeding up. Changes are already happening. Whether we like it or not preparation for 2012 is happening now.

What we may not like is the getting rid of the blocks and baggage that sabotage us from being the superb beings we were created as. This is probably one of our greatest challenges. And we are definitely being pushed to do this! The buttons which are our issues are being pressed. This means emotional conflicts with ourselves and others. Relationships are being tested. We often contest our relationships with others rather than studying our relationship with ourselves. As things move and evolve we are being pressed to do this. As we resist – unconsciously – we feel unfocused and lack harmony within.

But it is all good. The tears are cleansing and the anger and angst move us towards peace – If we allow it to happen. If we don’t stubbornly keep on the same path of self vandalism.

Trust is where we have to start. Well that’s how I see it. Easier said than done? We can give trust lip service but submitting to a greater power means just letting go. KNOWING that we are taken care of – no matter what. That love, peace, joy, happiness, abundance in all things is our birth right. This is what we were made for. So we need to kick back and enjoy it. To start chucking out our baggage, and disarm our buttons so that we can freely create the life that we want – and deserve as divine beings.

So today – now – this moment we need to start, or continue to ascend to 2012 and for ever.


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