25 Year Old Wireless Safety Standards – Dr. Devra Davis

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  • April 22, 2021
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Wireless Safety Standards

Would you set foot on an airplane whose safety standards were last updated 25 years ago? No, you would not. Yet the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) doesn’t want to update its safety rules for cell phones’ wireless radiation ‚ written in 1996 ‚despite massive increases in their use and power today.

Worse still, the FCC now wants to make a decision for your community where an antenna is located, whether outside your home or your child’s school. The FCC wants to pass a rule that forestalls local authorities from having any say over where telecoms can put their 5G cellular phone antennas, including on school grounds. which means property rights are in danger and local authorities haven’t any means to earn revenue or say where antennas may or might not be sited.

Why is that the FCC so intent on this decision? in line with a Harvard University school of law report, the FCC may be a “captured agency,” meaning that the telecom communications industry that the agency is meant to manage has appropriated the agency. The agency is at the mercy of telecoms. With a captured agency, the general public cannot expect the FCC to look out for its interests ‚Äî never when it involves the deployment of 5G.

5G may be advertised as the latest boon to mankind with its faster downloads and connection speeds, but the telecom industry features a lot more information than is made available to the general public about the risks from mobile phone radiation exposure.

In reality, for 5G to work, it’s going to need to rely on the old frequencies of 3G and 4G, which suggests that it’s not actually a replacement system. it’s a layer of additional frequencies on top of the present system.

5G is an experiment. it’s never been tested for its environmental or health or safety impacts. It relies on very fast frequencies that go very short distances. provide three-second downloads videos to your wristwatch or your phone in an urban environment, you are going require to have an antenna every 150 feet.

And with the additional layer of radiation exposure, the risks go up. the risks of the present wireless system have been known for years. Scientific advisers to World Health Organization warned that telephone radiation exposure may be a definite explanation for cancer in humans.

This is no surprise. within the largest study ever done ‚ by the U.S. National Toxicology Program‚ government scientists found cell phone radiation at normal levels, not 5G, but the lower levels of 3G and 4G ‚ can cause cancer in animals. The news wasn’t well-received by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which commissioned the study.

Since the finalization of the NTP study, the U.S. has essentially stopped monitoring the biological and environmental effects of exposure to mobile phone radiation. Most of the information now comes from Europe, where countries like Switzerland have far more stringent standards than the US

We must pay attention to the results of the NTP study. If we do not against, we’re experimenting on our youngsters and ourselves. That’s why Environmental Health Trust is looking for an independent commission to start an evaluation around the science.

Without animal studies, the general public becomes the guinea pig. the general public doesn’t question whether wireless is safe because it’s familiar with the govt telling it when something isn’t safe, even as it came out with seat belt recommendations 40 years ago ad continues to supply guidance on airline and vehicle safety.

We need the equivalent of seat belts for wireless devices. we’d like a public education program starting with teachers and parents because they do not know that they’re giving a two-way microwave radiation device to their children. We must do a far better job letting people know what’s buried inside the operating systems of their devices immediately

Would you fly during a plane using 25-year-old standards? We pride ourselves within the U.S on protecting our youngsters and ourselves. Why are we unwilling to take action to guard ourselves from wireless radiation and therefore the telecoms that keep pushing 5G technology?

See Dr. Davis’ latest published op-ed in the Washington Times, “Why I’m Challenging the FCC About Antiquated Safety Standards for Wireless Devices”

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