The Power of Numbers and Vibration – Nikola Tesla

“If you could grasp the magnificence of three, six, and nine, you would hold a key to the universe. You’ve entered a realm where numbers transcend being mere symbols, existing as real and vibrant entities. Upon exploration, you’ll uncover that the connections between numbers aren’t arbitrary or human-made; rather, numbers serve as the fundamental particles constituting everything.

Nikola Tesla unveiled a revelation in 1898, when an earthquake near his laboratory at 48 East Houston Street, New York, drew attention. This seismic event resulted from a small machine he was experimenting with at the time – a machine compact enough to fit in one’s overcoat pocket. A puzzled reporter seized upon this comprehensible detail, and Tesla, the progenitor of modern electricity, recounted the incident.

“I was delving into Vibrations. My machine was operational, and I sought resonance with the building’s Vibration. As I elevated the intensity, a distinct cracking sound emerged. Perplexed, I questioned my assistants on the source. They were uncertain. Continuing to amplify, the cracking grew louder. I sensed proximity to the steel building’s Vibration and pushed the machine further. In an instant, heavy machinery within the building commenced chaotic movement. Swiftly, I grabbed a hammer and dismantled the machine. Another few minutes, and the building would have collapsed around me. Outside, pandemonium reigned; police and ambulances descended. I cautioned my assistants to remain silent. To authorities, it was an earthquake – their sole comprehension.”

“Vibration Can Achieve Anything.”

At this juncture, an astute reporter inquired of Dr. Tesla whether he could topple the Empire State Building. His response was succinct: “Vibration can achieve anything. Aligning the machine’s Vibrations with the building’s inherent frequency would suffice to bring it crashing down.” This insight elucidates why soldiers break stride while traversing bridges.

Despite the 37-year delay in disclosing the 1898 earthquake occurrence, Tesla promptly shifted his focus in 1899, journeying west to Colorado Springs. Here, he raced across the Atlantic to establish global radio signal transmission and reception, aiming not for signals, but power. Success followed – Marconi’s radio invention was based on Tesla’s work. Subsequent to Tesla’s demise, the US Supreme Court invalidated Marconi’s patents in 1943, supported by, fittingly, a 3-6-9 decision.

Tesla’s influence extended to the September 1899 Alaska earthquakes in Cape Yakataga and Yakutat Bay. Distinctly tied to his Colorado Springs activities, these tremors materialized on September 3rd (9-3-9), September 6th (9-6-9), and September 9th (9-9-9).

Multiplication Map

Tesla's multiplication mapUnderstanding the grandeur of three, six, and nine unveils a universal key. Recently discovered original drawings by Nikola Tesla lay out a multiplication map encompassing all numbers. This ingenious system was unearthed in a central Phoenix, Arizona antique shop by local artists, believed to have originated during Tesla’s free energy experiments at Wardenclyffe. This manuscript promises solutions to long-standing mathematical enigmas.

While some elements are familiar, one remarkable discovery is the multiplication map, also known as the math spiral. Joey Rather’s diligent deciphering yielded breakthroughs. This spiral doesn’t merely depict multiplication; it offers a holistic visual comprehension of numbers’ self-organization into twelve compositional positions. Twelve, or its multiples, embody a remarkably versatile system divisible by 2, 3, 4, and 6. Among every twelve numbers, four prime numbers emerge in positions akin to clock placements: 5, 7, 11, and 1.

Numbers transcend their numerical identities; they animate our reality. Throughout history, mystics and philosophers recognized this numerical fabric. Inevitably, we shall harness energy in harmony with nature, molding our world through implosion rather than explosion.”

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