The link between insomnia and EMF

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  • June 13, 2019
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The link between Insomnia and EMF – it’s all part of the jigsaw.
Insomnia is rife, the new millennium disease. People sniff at the fact that Electromagnetic field radiation aka EMF is the most probable cause. How on earth can my electric blanket stop me from sleeping? It is supposed to help me to sleep? Right? No wrong. I need my cell phone beside my bed for the alarm clock function. It’s not receiving calls and I’m not speaking on it so it’s not doing any harm is it? Oh yes it is. You don’t need the alarm clock function because you won’t get any sleep.
EMF causes insomnia. Proven. How?
It interferes with our pineal gland by tricking into thinking it is light, and it is only at night that the pineal gland produces Melatonin, the hormone essential for sleep. And by the way it is also instrumental in the production of T cells which prevent cancer. So here is the link between EMF and cancer. The EMF, Insomnia, cancer jigsaw puzzle isn’t one of those fancy 2000 pieces types. It is a pre-school, printed on wood,indestructible, simple six piece set. Slot it together and it makes perfect sense. That is for those with at least pre-school intelligence!!
So curing insomnia has to start with looking at what we have around us. Then giving our bodies a break. Buy a wind up alarm clock and switch off the cell phone. Get an extra cuddly blanket and an old fashioned hot water bottle, or put your feet on your beloved other half – a moment of intimacy after the initial scream. Chuck out the micro wave the food out of it has no nutrition and is carcinogenic in its self.
Have a good look around and take stock. Is there a computer in your bedroom? Do you switch it off at night? Wi-Fi – is it always on? Switch it off when you’re not using it. Of course you can’t do anything about the neighbors who leave theirs on 24/7 and will most definitely be affecting you. Wi-Fi frequencies are so near to that of our bodies that it blocks them.Very nasty and you can even get a dose along with your cappuccino or flat white in some cafes. Ouch – it hurts.
100,000,000 times more EMF now than our grandparents had to cope with. No wonder people can’t sleep. Sleepless people are grumpy people. Grumpy people aren’t having fun. Life becomes a drag. Grumpy becomes depressed – and is still suffering from insomnia. The jigsaw fits. Completed – but not a pretty picture.
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