Ronda Johannessen

  • January 27, 2022
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First off, thank you for your products, they got me through the worst of my Electrosensitivity.
I think it was around 2012/13 that I purchased the Nu-Me pendant (which I still wear) and the P.e.bal. As I was cut off from tech at the time my father ordered mine. He later ordered one for my sister as well.

My ES was really extreme, I was getting arch burns from ungrounded devices and I figured out what was making me so vulnerable.
Over the course of 6 years I observed my diet, and couldn’t see pattern could connect with ES. In 2017 I got very poor and was budgeting the most simple diet ever, that is when I figured out that it was anything that touched aluminium / mylar that was causing my extreme electrical condition.

Most coffee is packaged in mylar, I could go on about everything that is aluminium contaminated, but there is more. 2 years before I became ES, I got these pink dots and I went to 5 different MDs about, none of them recognized them as Lichtenberg marks nor asked me if I had been shocked. There are a few more details, but I wanted to share the main stuff.

I am relieved at this point when my compos mentis might be violated that I can say I have Negative Lichtenberg scars, Aluminium Graniolas, and Delayed Aluminium Hypersensitivity causing ES.

I am low on batteries so I will wrap it up, I hope that info is helpful to anyone you know …it all has to do with aluminium electron transfer. So that is my contribution to the plight of ES. Though I am still suffering the consequences of the wreckage it can have on a life, I am doing much better physically.

Ronda Johannessen


Mike, NSW Australia