Kate Fitness, NZ

  • January 27, 2022
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“Well – we got the p.e.bal and the Negater shell from you last week. I discover I have a new husband. He is really happy, peaceful and never gets irritable – quite different from the person I have been living with for years. I think as the amount of technology that he was dealing with each day increased, he got more and more irritable. Recently he had been wearing a headset for the phone… the nightmare never ended. Until now.

So I am still amazed and every day I go home wondering if this new person is still there.. (he works from home).

My daughter has the shell in her room, and is a more peaceful person generally.

So you have yet another happy customer and now I may well ask this question in every consultation and sell a load more. Well done guys – a stunning product”. Kate Fitness BSc, Dip. Hom, Natural Medical Centre, Orewa, New Zealand

Kate Fitness, NZ


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