K.B, Tasmania

  • January 28, 2022
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EMF Protection products tested

I have recently purchased several Power P.e.bals, Ki-bal & Chi-Shell keyrings, Nu-Me pendants and Nu-Me Natty pendants from you.  The service, support and speed of postage was exceptional thank you.

My husband, as a kinesiologist, muscle tested each item. The range and positive effect of the products are incredibly powerful. We discovered that the range of the P.e.bals started to extend even further after several days. We also found that using a clockwise spinning motion with hands above each product, seems to activate the products even more quickly.

In terms of health changes, my family has noticed several things. Our young, adult son was going through a period of grief/stress and associated fatigue, muscle aches, broken sleep and over-sleeping, gastro-intestinal upsets, depression and un-explained anger. As soon as he put on the Nu-Me pendant, he reported to feel calmer and more at ease. I also placed a P.e.bal near his computer and gaming equipment. Over the past 2 weeks, all of his symptoms have subsided to a significant degree. He is happier, chattier and follows better sleep and diet routines. Plus, he how refuses to take the pendant off.

My husband and I have also experienced unusual fatigue and back muscle aches. I started wearing a pendant, my husband kept a Nu-Me Natty in his pocket and we placed the Power P.e.bals (pyramids) near the bed and around the house. The muscle pain started to dissipate and is nearly gone after 5 days now. Our energy levels also seem to be improving and sleep has been more restful.

Since wearing Natty pendants, our dogs seem to be more relaxed and less anxious even during a recent thunderstorm. One dog used to be terrified of one of our cats. Now she curls up in bed close to the “scary” cat and there is less growling and swiping from the cat as well.

The ‘feeling’ in our house and my workplace (where I also placed some pyramids) is calmer and more even. Even my co-workers seem friendlier and one commented how peaceful the week was (he was unaware of the P.e.bals).

All in all, the Life Energy Designs technology has a stabilising effect on our health and well-being. I already purchased some extras for our family and friends. Thank you again.

K.B, Tasmania


Sandy Broomhead, USA

Dewi Shaw